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Moon Sequence Workshop

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Early 2018 Workshop Schedule

20th Januray

3rd March

7th April 

The moon sequence, created by Matthew Sweeney, is a beautiful restorative practice. It is a vinyasa set sequence that draws the attention inwards, developing a more subtle awareness of the body and a calming of the mind. Combined with meditation and foundation pranayama techniques, students end the session feeling grounded and peaceful. A much-needed break from the stresses of everyday life.

The afternoon workshops provide students with the opportunity to practice the sequence in its entirety and is a great introduction into yoga and a wonderful way to support and/or deepen an existing practice.

Laura’s teaching draws from various influences including Vipassana meditation, non-duality and an ongoing exploration and enquiry into the self.  Space is available for students to ask questions and share experiences related to their own practice.

When: 2.00 – 6.00 pm

Where: St Albans Hall, corner of Charles and Catherine Street (OX4)

Fee: £45

What to bring: yoga mat, blanket, water, snacks.

Please email to book a space.

*As with all courses, workshops, classes – if there are any particular financial difficulties please feel free to contact me to discuss concessions.