= Air + Ether

It is the element that controls movement and its attributes are: dry, light, cold, rough, subtle, mobile, clear, dispersing

Physically Vata people tend to be underdeveloped, with small frames and are either too short or too tall.  Their skin is dry, nails brittle, and hair takes on a life of its own.  Their eyes are dry and dart about the place, avoiding eye contact and blinking rapidly.

Physiologically Vata people have variable appetites and digestion.  They tend to suffer from trapped wind, and constipation.  They perspire less than the other constitutions and have the greatest difficulty in sleeping.

Vata types are active, creative, restless, walk and talk quickly yet tire easily.

Psychologically they are quick to learn, quick to forget, quick to forgive, but suffer from heightened levels of nervousness, fear and anxiety.

Typical illnesses that afflict Vata types and can be eased by Ayurvedic Massage are:

Sciatica, Fatigue and M.E., Insomnia, Indigestion, I.B.S. syndrome, Anxiety, Panic Attacks