Pitta = Fire + Water

It is the element that governs digestion, absorption, assimilation, nutrition, metabolism, body temperature and skin colouration.  It is translated as Fire, and its attributes are: oily, penetrating, hot, light, mobile, liquid and sour smell.

Physically Pitta people tend to be of medium build, medium height, with moderate muscle development.  Their skin is fair or coppery, with freckles and rosy cheeks.  Their eyes are penetrating and can be sensitive to the sun.  Skin is soft and warm; nails are also soft.  Their hair is thin, silky, red or brownish and tends towards premature greying and hair loss.  Their features are very even and attractive.  They take great care with their appearance.

Physiologically Pitta people have a strong metabolism, good digestion and resulting strong appetites.  Pitta people eat and drink a lot, and really aren’t comfortable skipping meals.  Their body temperature tends to run quite high, with warm hands and feet, excessive perspiration and don’t tolerate sunlight and heat all that well.

Pitta types are strong and ambitious.  Natural leaders who appreciate material possesions.

Psychologically they have a good power of comprehension; are very sharp and intelligent.  Emotionally they tend towards feelings of hate, anger and jealousy.

Typical illnesses that afflict Pitta types and can be eased by Ayurvedic Massage are:

Stress, anger, skin disorders, hot flushes, hormonal imbalances, indigestion, gastritis, infertility