IMG_0040“Laura is a warm, wise, highly skilled yoga teacher and massage practitioner. I have received massage treatments from her, attended her yoga workshops and yoga nidra sessions and the things that shine through for me throughout are her integrity, her honesty, and her deep commitment to creating spaces of healing and growth for her students. Thank you Laura for sharing your talents and passion with your community in Oxford” – Sally, East Oxford


“I started practising yoga with Laura 3 years ago, at a time when I was adapting to the demands of motherhood and struggling to find balance in my life. From the first class I realised I had stumbled upon something special and quickly noticed significant improvements in my wellbeing.

Self-compassion and acceptance are central to Laura’s approach, and this influences every aspect of her teaching. The physical yoga is incredibly nurturing. It embodies both gentleness and strength, with Laura encouraging students to move intuitively according to their bodies’ needs. There is a significant focus on meditation and breathwork too, which I have found transformative. Her workshops are revitalising and her yoga nidra sessions are deeply restful.

Despite having practised other yoga styles for over 15 years, I can honestly say that through Laura’s nurturing and wise guidance I now have a much greater understanding of what yoga is really about. Laura is a gift of a teacher – warm, open, brave and inspiring. I would encourage anyone to study with her.” – Susie, East Oxford


“From my first class with Laura,years ago, I was aware that I was lucky to have found an unusual and extremely wise teacher: totally inclusive and so kindly allowing; lucid and compelling to listen to. The Moon Sequence has been a delight to explore under her careful guidance and it has been a joy to follow her as she has thoughtfully developed and enhanced our practice-always in loving awareness and most importantly, straight from the heart.” Nicky, East Oxford


“I’m 70 now, and a regular Ayurvedic massage with Laura is an important ingredient in my plans to stay healthy and fit into really old age. Of course this massage is great for easing any muscle tension, but it’s also wonderful for balancing energies, and deeply nurturing, giving a sense of profound well-being. I feel Laura truly works with the whole person that i am, she brings great warmth and an amazing power of insight to her work, and her yoga tips for physical problems are invaluable too.” Radha, East Oxford


“Laura is a warm and intuitive teacher who encourages us to listen to our own bodies and develop our own practice.

I have been attending Laura’s Yoga classes for around 2yrs now and she has been expanding and deepening her practice to cover all areas of our bodies, from which we can discover what is most effective and restorative for ourselves.
Her meditative self enquiry and relaxation at the end are exceptional and I come away feeling restored and refreshed, ready to face the weekend.” Sonica, East Oxford


“I was quite sceptical about the moon sequence in my first class.  I am someone who came to yoga via exercise, and I tend to like a strong practice like astanga.  I wasn’t so much into the spiritual aspects of yoga.   I also live my life very fast, have lots to fit in (and do fit in lots).  So I felt twitchy throughout my first class with Laura when we opened with meditation and then moved on to a series of postures that all felt a bit too slow and not physically challenging enough.  However, I was surprised at how I very nearly fell asleep at the end of the class and how much my core felt the backbending and my legs some of the standing postures (in a good way).
I IMG_0044 (1)came along to a second class more because of the time and location of it than because I was very keen.  I was quite honest with Laura about finding the practice difficult because it felt slow but she encouraged me to stick with it.  Several months on and I completely love the class and the moon sequence.  I couldn’t wait to get back from holiday to join the class again.
What I love about the moon sequence is that I have found I can focus on the breath (the one, two, three, four, pause – helped by Laura’s lovely calming voice) without my thoughts racing ahead.  Encouraged by Laura, I am enjoying the sense of developing my own way of moving (my own practice?) and I am finding it physically challenging.  I am also beginning to understand some of the spiritual aspects of yoga, particularly the “heart opening” of the backbends and being grounded.  It has influenced how I am in my “normal” life.  I have amazed myself by how much I am loving Laura’s class – even the chanting at the end which I never thought I would say!  (It is also an added bonus that Laura is clearly an excellent masseur and we get a taster of that in the class which feels great!)” – Jane, East Oxford

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“If therapy is to highlight an imbalance and help to remedy it, then Laura’s massages did exactly this. Each one met my needs in that moment, either picking up my energy, or settling it with Laura’s intuitive approach responding to what was being presented – she has a rare gift and I look forward to my next massage in the not-so-distant future!” – Charlene, Berlin


“As a keen runner training for my first ultramarathon I had read the many benefits that yoga brings to running.  Deciding to take the plunge I went to one of Laura’s classes.  I have not looked back!  Whilst running I find that my posture is a lot better and I am more mindful of my technique and breathing. My recovery after long or strenuous runs feels quicker and I approach running with a renewed zest and sense of enthusiasm.  Having completed my first ultramarathon I plan to run more and continue supplementing my training with Laura’s yoga classes.” – Dave, North Oxford


“If you’re looking for a skilled yoga teacher and masseuse like no other who literally puts her heart and soul into her practice, you need to find Laura. She’s dedicated, caring and inspiring and puts all beings who have the privilege of her teachings, and experience the benefits of her masseuse skills, at ease. She clearly devotes all her energy into what she does and it certainly pays off! You leave the yoga studio renewed and calmed and her massage sessions revived and at peace. If you’ve not signed up to one of her yoga lessons or treated your good self to her divine massages, you’re truly missing out! X” – Marie, East Oxford


ac21 (2)“I first went to Laura with shoulder and neck-ache and soon discovered that she is not just an expert massage therapist but also a gifted healer.  I was astonished how over several weeks of treatment, I regained mobility that I thought I’d lost forever. Crucially, because her prices are set to be affordable, I was able to attend regularly, which made all the difference.  The experience was also wonderfully relaxing and restorative – healing in the deepest meaning of the word.

My treatments coincided with bereavement and work pressures and Laura’s sessions helped me at a profound and emotional level.

Laura approaches her client’s needs in a holistic manner, and draws on a wide knowledge from Ayurvedic medicine, Yoga and her own life experience.

Laura is also very supportive in encouraging other lifestyle changes such as diet and stress management. Her Yoga Nidra sessions are amazing – accessible to everyone and encourage deep relaxation.

I can’t recommend Laura’s treatments highly enough!” – Patricia Murphy, West Oxford


“I have been enjoying ayurvedic massage at the Oxford Community Health Hub with Laura since last Spring.  The Practitioners at the Hub have created such a warm, welcoming and beautiful space to be in, it is a sanctuary that I look forward to going to every time.  Laura’s warmth and interest in ayurveda is inspiring.  The whole treatment from consultation feels very nuturing, client focused & rejuvenating.  I always feel much more connected to myself and my body after a session and would recommended it to everyone.” – Suzanne, West Oxford


“After trying various other forms of massage: Swedish, aromatherapy, and deep tissue, I have to say that nothing else compares with Laura’s
treatments!  The healing combination of Ayurvedic medicine and human touch is so powerful, and I have to say I feel much lighter and happier since undergoing my course of massages.  I think about my dosha (Pitta) pretty much every day now, and I am able to recognise when external influences affect my mood, and when I can make my environment better.  Plus my skin is super-clear now and my legs are much more toned!  Everyone needs a masseuse like Laura…” – Sarah, Abingdon

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“I have benefitted from massage for many years now and heard about Laura and Ayurveda through a friend who is also a massage fan – she told me ‘it’s the best massage I have ever had’ – I had to try and she is so right. It feels healing and nurturing and takes me to a place of deep peace, relaxation and aliveness on every occasion. Thank you so much Laura.

With love, Ruth X” – Ruth, Oxford


“I had a lovely Ayurvedic massage experience with Laura. Her warmth and genuine interest in wellbeing really made it great. As did the little ‘Pitta’ gift I received to take home!” – Frida, Oxford


“I was recommended to see Laura by a couple of friends of mine who had great things to say. I’d had numerous types of massage before but never ayurvedic massage. I booked myself in for 4 x 1.5 hours massages over two weeks, and now weekly/fortnightly massages. I work on computers a fair bit so my back builds up a lot of tension, I can’t believe what a difference it made to my back and body. Also I learnt a great deal about ayurvedic systems, and how better to look after myself. I guess the thing I liked was the fact I was both getting a massage and getting educated at the same time!” – Antony, Brighton


“I was recommended Laura by a good friend and knew nothing about Ayurveda.  I have, however, had a lot of massages in various locations across Brighton.  What is different about Laura is that she provides a very holistic approach, rather than just giving a physical massage.  Using the ancient system of Ayurveda she asked me a lot of questions about me as an individual and then based my treatment on my own personal needs.  I have found that not only does this make me relaxed  but also feel like I’m getting more benefits overall.  I have also received advice from Laura in the field of Ayurveda and how to make changes.  Highly recommend if you would like a massage with a more spiritual and personal touch.” – Holly, Brighton