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Ayurveda Corner is moving on-line…as soon as I can work out how to do that ;)

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

It’s been an incredibly challenging and exhausting few days coming to terms with the realisation that both the yoga classes and massage work has to come to an end. But, now the decision has been made and all the communications have been sent out, some of the major practicalities, if not addressed, have been acknowledged – there is actually a moment of quiet and stillness. It was the uncertainty and unknowing that felt so burdensome. The lack of clarity and leadership. Another opportunity to really trust what felt right.

The temptation is to get swept up into the flurry of activity surrounding online classes and establishing myself in this new and strange teaching arena as quickly as possible. But, I need some time for myself to rest and recalibrate.

I am planning to offer on-line yoga classes, share a variety of yoga nidra and lesson recordings, and offer one-to-one check in sessions. It will take some time to set this up. I won’t rush, as I know I need some time of my own to be with my own process, prepare, establish my own much quieter, insular routine, just as we all do…and then, the sharing and channels through which to do that will come into play.

Thank you for your patience!

Laura x