A Bit About Me…

My childhood and adolescent aspirations were to write and to be a force for positive change in the world.  When I started working in the charity sector after graduating from university, it felt like it should have been a dream come true.  I worked across a number of charities focusing on international aid, including Burma Issues and Oxfam GB, and encountered a great many lessons and experiences that have influenced me greatly and will stay with me always.  However,  it became clear to me over a period of time that the culture and expectations of the NGO sector weren’t allowing me to be me.  It felt like even though everything looked so perfect on paper, my well-being was suffering considerably and there was a sense of deep unrest.  Looking back I can see so clearly that I was searching for something quite profound, and I had been compromising my sense of self for many years to be accepted.  In doing so, I was living in denial and leading a life that was at odds with my nature and calling.  Coupled with a significant loss and bereavement, my life took a dramatic turn and I found myself embarking on the most incredible, terrifying and beautiful journey out into the world of yoga, meditation and ayurveda, and back home, to the centre of my being.

Ayurvedic Massage Therapy: 

I qualified in ayurvedic massage and marma therapy with Dr Deepika Rodrigo from the Ayurvedic Institute UK in 2012.  I began my business as a self-employed massage therapist immediately after qualifying, practising out of a friend’s garden shed throughout the Summer of 2012.  After a few months, I’d built a significant client base and was invited to join a number of well-regarded alternative health centres in the area.  This included The Health Hub – which was set up as a community clinic, providing affordable alternative health, and Healthy Oxford, where I was appointed manager in 2016.  I’ve worked closely with a diverse range of clients over a long period of time, and have witnessed incredible shifts in so many.  The emphasis in my training was to practice from the heart, and this has always been my main reference point and guide.  Every treatment starts with a one-to-one consultation where a safe space is provided for clients to share where they feel they’re at in that moment in time.  It’s a space where clients are supported in welcoming whatever emotional, psychological and physical issues are arising, and are invited to meet that fully.  The treatment itself is a very nurturing and nourishing practice that uses warm oils and various techniques that invigorate, restore and relax the whole system, whilst resetting doshic imbalances.  I offer guidance and support where it feels appropriate, but essentially the treatment is about creating space and safety for the body to restore itself.  The client feels empowered to continue on their own path of inquiry into themselves.

Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Self-Inquiry: 

My introduction to yoga and meditation was through Ashtanga Vinyasa and Vipassana.  Attending various retreats and intensives around the world with internationally renowned teachers such as John Scott, Radha and Prem and eventually Matthew Sweeney – who introduced me to the Moon Sequence (or Chandra Krama) and became my main teacher and influence from 2010 – 2017.  I trained with him extensively – including a 3 consecutive month intensive and Teacher-Training in Vinyasa Krama.  My initial experiences of yoga and meditation were incredibly strict, disciplined and linear – but the discovery of the Moon Sequence introduced a much softer, feminine approach – which would pave the way – and eventually result in my leaving of the Vinyasa Krama school. and mark the beginnings of a transformational exploration and development of a practice that is more intuitive and guided from the innate wisdom within.  Heavily influenced by somatic movement, yoga nidra and self-inquiry I’ve spent the last few years working closely with a number of innovative and inspirational women who are leading the way in terms of delineating yoga practices and encouraging both the rising up of the oppressed, and the re-rooting of the severed, feminine.  These teachers include Angela Farmer, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Gangaji and Donna Farhi.  I work with a modest, but incredibly dedicated community here in Oxford – where we explore movements together.  I offer and hold a safe space and sufficient guidance and structure for students to connect with their bodies, breath and develop a more subtle awareness of self.  Once this connection has been made I invite more spaciousness and freedom for students to express and explore the movements that rise up from within, as opposed to following linear instructions.  I’ve noticed that when given the opportunity to move more freely, the body rarely moves in a linear way – rather circles, undulates, writhes and flows.  Seeing students come into their own and feel empowered to express and explore their own unique bodies, structures and patterns so authentically – feels like a real honouring of the feminine, and is an absolute privilege to be a part of.  I currently teach group classes, regular workshops, one-to-ones and also run a yearly retreat in Southern Europe.


Qualifications, Training and Immersions:

Spinal Integration Intensive with Donna Farhi (Jul 2018)

Self-Inquiry Immersion with Gangaji (Jun 2018)

Feminine Unfolding Yoga Immersion with Angela Farmer (Apr 2018)

Total Yoga Nidra Facilitation with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli (Mar 2018)

Ayurvedic Pulse Reading and Healing Techniques with Dr Vasant Lad (Nov 2017)

Women’s Yoga Teacher Training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli (Nov 2017)

Self-Inquiry Silent Retreat and Immersion with Mooji (Nov 2015, Jul 2016, Oct 2016, Mar 2017)

300 Hours Chandra Krama and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Matthew Sweeney (Mar 2015)

200 Hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Shiva Shakti Academy (2014)

Ayurvedic Massage and Marma Therapy Diploma with Dr Deepika Rodrigo of the Ayurvedic Institute UK (2012)

Vipassana 10 Day Meditation Course (May 2012, Jan 2014, Oct 2015, Feb 2016)

Vinyasa Krama Month-Long Intensives with Matthew Sweeney (Apr 2012, Aug, Sep, Oct 2014, Mar 2017)

Ashtanga Yoga Month-Long Immersions with Radha and Prem (Feb, Mar 2012)

Creative Writing MA (Merit) at Oxford Brookes University (2011)

English Studies BA (Hons) at Oxford Brookes University (2003)