Sunday Class at Fusion Arts Centre

Last Sunday was our first two hour class at Fusion Arts Centre on Princes Street and it felt just right!  For many years I’ve been teaching a 90 minute class on Saturday mornings.  When I look back to the early stages of my teaching 90 minutes felt daunting and I wasn’t sure if students would commit to something longer than an hour (the standard class length in most gyms and venues).  Yet, before long I found myself often running over.  It wasn’t because we were covering more postures or “doing more”.  In fact, in many ways it felt as if we were simplifying movements and doing less.  Yet, the time felt like it was filling up so richly and there was such a reluctance to draw it to a close.  I could feel the sense of quiet, rest and spaciousness in the room, and it was beginning to feel like I was having to round up the class too soon, more like an interruption of this inward-focused process than a natural stirring and reconnecting with the world.  I raised the question of extending the class to two hours a couple of months back and it was met with a mixture of reticence and approval.  Changes are generally resisted.  It is the human condition to find comfort in routine and steadiness, particularly when it comes to dedicated times and space for healing and inward focus.  We need to feel secure and safe.  Feel confident in the structure, time and guidance that holds us, so that we can allow ourselves to meet with and explore the more vulnerable and sensitive aspects of ourselves.  It’s something I’m very conscious of, and as a teacher I take that responsibility very seriously.  But, in this instance I could feel that a shift was becoming necessary if I was going to be able to hold the space effectively and offer something that allowed for the multi-faceted aspects and layers of a holistic practice to be experienced fully.

So here we are 🙂  2019 has started with the introduction of a regular two hour class on Sunday mornings, and as I said, it feels just right! 

Fusion Arts is located on Princes Street, behind the East Oxford Community Centre on Cowley Road.  There’s a gate with a Fusion Arts sign alongside it and as you enter you will see a white building right in front of you, the entrance of which is on the right.  It’s an art centre and a charity that is committed to being a catalyst for creativity in the community.  Very apt, as welcoming and inviting a more creative and intuitive approach to movement and expression has been something that I’ve been incorporating into the classes increasingly over the past few months.  The space itself is basic and rustic, but with this incredible brightness and spaciousness invited in by the skylights.  It has been a little chilly at times (although it felt just right on Sunday just gone), but if you are someone who tends to feel the cold more, then I always recommend brings extra layers, blankets, socks, etc.

The closing stages of the class, when students wind down into Savasana (deep rest), can often be rushed and one of the greatest benefits of a longer class is that we can really honour that time and space to integrate everything that the body has experienced and discovered about itself through movement, awareness and breath.  In order to fully relax into this – it is helpful to be cosy and warm!  As this is not a dedicated yoga space, students will need to bring their own mats, blankets, and props.  I will usually have a couple of extra blankets and mats with me just in case someone is without, but do ask students to bring their own when they can.  Not just for the convenience of the class, but also for the encouragement of the establishment of a self-practice.

Further details of the style of teaching, class schedule and costs can be found here: Yoga

For any questions or further information then please contact me either, via the contact page

May all beings be happy 🙂

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